Why Should I Take CDMP?

The professional digital marketing certification (CDMP) is future access for people wanting to win in the digital world. Get in the game.
Zaid Abdullah
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Why Should I Take "CDMP"?

The professional digital marketing certification (CDMP) is future access for people wanting to win in the digital world. Get in the game.

Marketing jobs in Saudi Arabia

More than a hundred marketing jobs are posted daily in Saudi Arabia. Yes, let me repeat this, more than 100 marketing jobs are posted daily in Saudi Arabia, quoted from linkedin.com. Why am I saying this, because when you look at the reality of our world today, of the business world, you can look at two aspects: the new organizations joining the market and commercial registrations created daily. The second aspect is the current organizations operating in the market: government, private sector, start-ups, or even nonprofits. They all need to do marketing, and for all we know about marketing, it is transforming into digital, sales as well,  and PR.

Suppose this is the reality of our market today. In that case, tomorrow will be even more challenging for people who don’t have digital skills because every organization in business would need to have a specialized person or people in their company to run their marketing digitally. Digitally means having the digital skills that are necessary for the market today. They can research to build benchmarks against the competition, put KPIs, define your target, define your digital budget, execute your campaigns, and optimize and grow your business. 


The Best Digital Marketing Course?

The demand for this opportunity is growing. Schools and universities cannot keep up and provide such education needed in the market.

We need to build skills by self-learning via online resources. And the best help we could use is the Certified Digital Marketing Professional program. Digital marketing and business lecturers and professionals at triggersacademy.com are delivering this program. 

What is unique about this program is it is adaptive. We update it regularly to ensure that it includes all the recent updates in the industry. So the people required to learn these skills in my opinion are,  we can talk about different categories: first people who want to shift to new careers, who are working in any domain and they want to change their careers into marketing, people who are traditional marketers and they are used to do traditional marketing or PR, and they want to shift into the digital space then this would be fit for them, fresh graduates who are looking to secure a job in the digital area would fit perfectly in this program and finally business owners and entrepreneurs who want to win the digital game by being at the forefront of the digital market competition. They need to learn digital practice. They need to understand the foundation; they need to know the mechanisms and the framework for building a strategy KPIs, planning the budget, and creating efficiency or creating efficiencies in their resources and resources management.

It is also essential for the learning and training managers and organizations with significant human resources structures and big marketing teams to think about the available opportunities. The Academy provides the perfect program for such requirements to educate your marketing team and keep them up-to-date about marketing and marketing practices.

We will provide an ideal solution to present a platform for marketing employees and organizations to keep up and have new content every month to learn about digital and then be up-to-date.

So the components of the digital marketing professional certification program are:

  • Digital Marketing analytics, 
  • Digital ads (SEM / Display)
  • CRM and database management, 
  • Content marketing, 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing and automations,
  • Website optimization, 
  • Social media marketing, and finally
  • Digital strategy. 

Like any other professional certification program, the CDMP is a professional program that requires candidates to attend classes and courses either live or on-demand. Then the learner reviews at their own pace to prepare for the professional exam. The professional exam center (Pearson-Vue) will observe the exam. After taking and passing the exam, students will get global recognition. They will get the certification from the DMI, the Digital Marketing Institute, which sends them an accredited certificate for passing the CDMP.

It is not a course; it is not a simple workshop. It's a comprehensive program that would exceed 40 hours of classes and lectures. It needs extensive work from the student to understand and comprehend the information provided in the program. It requires some practice, it requires commitment, it requires focus, and of course, it requires a plan to go over all the material provided by lecturers.

Simply, it is the ultimate solution for getting into the digital game. Win your next challenge by joining the program. The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Program is the way to go!

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